Art Reproduction

The highest quality, accurate and detailed

We offer exceptionally detailed and accurate art reproduction services for 2 and 3-dimentional artwork. Paintings, drawings & sculptures are reproduced in life-like quality using the state of the art photography equipment and lighting – calibrated high-end 36 megapixel DSLR and 51 megapixel Medium Format cameras with the best flat field macro lenses. Image resolution higher than 51 megapixels is also attainable.

The example below is of my first surrealistic painting painted in 1989, “The mystery of the false truth“, oil on canvas. Full view and a couple of 100% crops from a 51 megapixel image.

I am gladly offering this service at artist-to-artist affordable pricing structure. Contact me today!

Michael Ezra | The Mystery of False Truth | Oil on Canvas, 1989
100% detail

100% detail