Ambient 360 – Virtual Tours Services

A modern interactive way to showcase your business

We offer creation of Virtual Tours for showcasing Commercial and Residential Real Estate and Business locations from small restaurants or practitioner offices to large space warehouses and firms.

At PHOTOVERTEX™ we bring over 12 years of deep technical expertise in Ultra High Resolution HDR panoramic photography. We deliver state of the art quality in every finished product. When embedded into virtual 3D space, it results in a stunning immersive experience that calls viewers to come back and be immersed again and again.

    An immersive virtual tour of your location can offer your customers such transparency and such intimate viewing experience that it will result in their trust, confidence and, ultimately, desire to do business.

Examples of virtual tours shown below can be viewed with Virtual Reality headsets on mobile and desktop devices. Experience the full immersion by activating the VR mode within the tour via the VR headset icon.

Residential real estate

Here is a couple of virtual tours demonstrating 360-degree views of the residential properties. You can look around, move up and down the stairs, transition between rooms, and click on hot spots to bring up additional images.

This one is a sample of a virtual tour of an interesting house with a complex layout. There are 3 levels and 2 half-levels, 5 total. Click on the menu spot in the lower left corner to bring up a listing of all available levels and spins. This tour consists of 21 spins, including a few outdoors. This is a high resolution tour: you can zoom in for detail.

Take a look at back-end map of this tour for illustration of the internal wiring and linking that makes this tour so easy to navigate around:


Tapping or clicking on the navigation controls in the lower left makes the drop-down of all locations visible to jump to any location without having to walk through the connecting paths. The icons to control gyroscope and the VR headset mode are now also visible.


This is a sample fragment of the virtual tour of another residential property. The 2-nd floor is presented in standard resolution and without inclusion of the ceiling and the floor. On the 1st floor and the staircase photography was carried in the high resolution:  zoom in to see the detail up close, even on the mobile phones!

HDR processing is applied to those windows which are blue in color, to balance the bright daylight and the interior lighting. For comparison purposes, bedroom window when seen from the hallway and also its reflection in the bedroom mirror does not have HDR processing.

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Commercial real estate

Example of Ambient-360 Virtual Tour in the commercial office space. Tour is augmented with embedded photographs showing space from the alternate angles.

Tour in the museum

This virtual tour was done at the Museum of Russian Art in Jersey City, showcasing a group art exhibit. Note the hot spots on the walls in the Main Zala; once clicked they show a closer view of the item.

Restaurant Interior

Here is an example of HDR panoramic photography with 180 degree view of the main zala. Experience the interaction in virtual space on a mobile phone with gyroscope enabled (E.g. Galaxy S6). HDR processing allowed graceful rendering of the scene conveying the feeling of the place, as if you are actually there.

Embedding a virtual building

This is a fun demonstration of embedding an object into the virtual tour, in this case, embedding a small Empire State Building next to the porch of the historical Conference House in Staten Island.

Similar techniques can be used to create a virtual tour with 3D renderings of buildings to be erected, so that they fit seamlessly into the captured realistic ambiance of the surroundings. This provides unmatched visualization for the project proposals.

“The Conference House (also known as “Billop House[3]”) was built before 1680 and is located near the southernmost tip of New York State on Staten Island, which became known as “Billop’s Point” in the 18th century. The Staten Island Peace Conference was held here on September 11, 1776, which unsuccessfully attempted to end the American Revolutionary War. The house, a National and New York City Landmark, is the only pre-Revolutionary manor house still surviving in New York City.” – Wikipedia.

What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, the range of brightness in the picture. The thing is, the range of brightness of light around us is very large – from the bright light in the window lit by the sun to the shaded area of the room. This range of brightness usually exceeds capabilities of the cameras, which handle only much more limited range. This is why if you just pick up a camera and take a picture of the room with a bright window, you either get a dark room with just plain white window or a nice window, where you can see the outside, but room is so dark that it barely can be seen. HDR image capture and processing overcome such limitations of modern cameras and allow a pleasant rendering of the entire scene, where everything can be seen, just as we see it naturally with own eyes.

Example of HDR processing