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Welcome to michael ezra art studio

We build a beautiful world with success of our customers

it is a journey of a lifetime

Our philosophy. Why and how we do business.

Being in business is being part of this world, and we want this world to be beautiful.

We believe in the power of showcasing success of your business. It’s highest impact is the growing success of the beautiful world built by our customers.


A few principles that we stick to, firmly.

Everyone is a customer
Help everyone win
Make friends, grow together
Professional ethics – clean and perfectly clear
Create beautifully and commit to the highest level of quality
Deliver results, on time and on the budget
Enjoy the journey

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Range of services from Michael Ezra Art Studio

Fine Art Portraiture

TimelessMe™ is dedicated to commissioned work performed by the artist. Its purpose is to create timeless heirlooms of precious moments of your beauty using a full arsenal of Michael’s creativity.